Rules and Policies

Class Attendance

Regular class attendance is an essential requirement for all courses at the Academy. Minimum attendance of class per course is 80%, which is a prerequisite minimum requirement for appearance in examinations.

Code of Conduct

  • Respect for orders, morality, personal honour and rights of others.
  • Honesty and integrity in all dealings with fellow students, teachers and staff.
  • Protection of the Academy property and property of the fellow students.
  • Showing due respect to elders, teachers, staff member and visitors.
  • Courteous and helpful behavior towards all those with whom they come in contact.
  • Hard work and completion of the courses of study.
  • Proper/ decent dress, no shorts are allowed.
  • No mobile phones or smoking is allowed in the classrooms.

Award of Certificates/ Diplomas

For the award of certificate/ diploma, the student is required to pass all the prescribed courses, observe desirable standards of social behavior and have sound moral character. In addition, he/ she must participate/perform at the end of the course in the prescribed performance by the students of the Academy.