Chairman Message

I am honoured to take charge as the Chairperson of the Lahore Arts Council, a prestigious body founded by the likes of Faiz Ahmed Faiz and Patras Bokhari amongst others. Since i have been a child, i have been fascinated by the architecture of the Alhamra Art Centre, Mall Road and Alhamra Open-Air Cultural Complex. Both spaces hold a special place in my heart as i have performed in plays and taken part in art competitions in these incredibly-designed premises. Its an honour for Lahore to in fact have a major public infrastructure facility, designed by Nayyar Ali Dada, dedicated to the arts, that has won the Aga Khan award for architecture. Hosting the Lahore Literary Festival at Alhamra Mall gives it a distinct aura and truly lends the character that the LLF stives for—an inclusive, enriching event for all! As Chairman, Lahore Arts Council, i will strive to make the body even more vibrant, open, diverse and programmatically stronger than before. All strands of society, from within and afar, will be welcomed to champion the spiritually elevating power of the arts. We are open and will be delighted to hear your ideas!
  Razi Uddin Ahmed

Executive Director 

Art and Culture of a country is an outward manifestation of the collective pride and identity of its people built up by both physical and mental forces over centuries. Greatness and success of a nation is measured by the yardstick of its cultural progress and development. Variations have been made in culture and form of arts as evolution takes place with the passage of time but basis always remain same. For young talent it is only medium that can act as a powerful catalyst in mobilizing its capabilities only it requires a streamlines direction so this talent can be motivated by directing a positive outcome. To maintain our individuality in this ever decreasing global village we have to be enthused and advanced as a potential force that not only upholds & protects the art, culture and traditions of this region but also plays an active role in developing, preserving and promoting the same with pride and fortitude. 
  Zulfiqar Ali Zulfi