It is necessary for every organization to have an uninterruptable power supply system, communications, lighting and control system along with the maintenance of technical system. A seamless electric power supply to all the halls, functions held in the open air facility named “Burney Garden” and all the concerned Departments situated within the premises of Alhamra Arts Council, Lahore along with its maintenance is not possible without an efficient as well as experienced technically expert team. Alhamra Arts Council’s technical section is being run efficiently and successfully by the experienced team under the supervision of Audio Visual In charge

Audit & Accounts

This Department handles all finances, income expenditure etc, of the council. The Audit & Accounts Officer also oversees the annual audit of the Arts Council. Payments are made with the sanction and approval of the Executive Director.


The Administrative Department is headed by a Deputy Director with an Assistant Director to look after all kind of paper work, legal issues, and everyday running of the Arts Council. Security and upkeep of the Alhamra comes under the sphere of the Administrative Department.


The sphere of activities of the Alhamra Arts Council is vast and varied. The halls and theatres are occupied all year round and the people of Lahore enjoy a plethora of informative and entertaining programs that range from music, theatre, festivals, literary (book launchings, poetry reading, seminars, lectures & discussions), school programs and government organized programs. This department is headed by a Deputy Director who oversees all activities of the auditoriums. To apply it is required that an application be written giving details of the program plus duration along with script, cast etc.