The Alhamra Arts Council is a dynamic and vibrant platform that celebrates and nurtures diverse artistic expressions. Boasting Mall complex six state-of-the-art theatres and auditoriums, it provides an ideal venue for various programs, from stirring music concerts and captivating dramas to enlightening seminars, workshops, and school functions. Additionally, the Council houses the most extensive art gallery in the province, offering a bustling space for year-round art shows. As a leading cultural institution, Alhamra Arts Council supports local talent development while welcoming international troupes and promoting cultural exchange. Through its multifaceted programs, the Council aims to foster a deeper appreciation of the arts and their transformative power to inspire and unite communities. Whether through theatre, music, visual arts, or literary activities, the Alhamra Arts Council strives to create a vibrant cultural hub that enriches people's lives in Punjab and beyond.

The Alhamra Arts Council has a wide range of functional objectives to support and nurture the arts in all their diverse forms. These objectives include

  • Developing and maintaining top-quality facilities for all forms of performing arts, providing professional technical and audio-visual aids, producing original works, and soliciting market support.
  • Establishing, encouraging, sponsoring, arranging, organizing, and managing art galleries, providing necessary technical and financial support.
  • Creating an academy/school of performing arts to provide specialized training to aspiring artists and performers.
  • Instituting and awarding fellowships, scholarships, diplomas, certificates, medals, grants, prizes, loans, and other forms of financial and non-financial assistance to individuals or groups engaged in the study, research, furtherance, promotion, and creation of art, design, and all other forms of performing arts such as music, drama, dance, singing, mimes, and puppeteering.
  • Conducting cultural fairs, festivals, and other related activities in art and culture, organizing artistic ensembles and exhibitions of plastic/metal/wood art and crafts within Pakistan and abroad.
  • Printing, publishing, issuing, and circulating books, periodicals, brochures, and other similar efforts incidental and conducive to the attainment of the aims and objectives of the Lahore Arts Council.
  • Holding programs and other functions in art, literature, and culture on its own or in collaboration with NGOs or as entrusted to it by the Government.
  • Impart specific skills through training programs in fine arts and crafts, computer graphics, performing arts, fashion designing, reading, speaking and writing, photography, and other related fields.
  • Documenting the performers in dramatics, musicals, puppetry, mimes, and street entertainment and preserving their legacy for future generations.
  • Establishing museums of musical instruments, sculptures, Alhamra archives, a museum of folk heritage, a permanent art gallery with paintings owned by it, and a library including an audio-visual library to showcase the rich cultural heritage of Pakistan and beyond.
  • These functional objectives reflect the Council's dedication to preserving and promoting the arts while supporting the development of new talent and fostering a deeper appreciation of cultural diversity.