As mentioned earlier one of the most avowed objectives of setting up the Arts Council was preservation of the country’s cultural heritage and music was one of its most important components. When the complex covered the theatrical, arts and administration side the Council started making efforts for provision of a space dedicated to music. This block was completed and inaugurated by the Chief Minister, Punjab, on 23rd March, 1988. The accommodation in the Music Block consists of a small auditorium with a capacity of 220 seats and a foyer area. It has a conference room facility for about 40 people and some of the accommodation on the ground floor for the administration section. In the basement a Recording Studio has been provided with 12 channels recording equipment and recording booths. In the basement there are classrooms for music classes.

Open Air Theatre

The Open Air Theatre is an extension of the Alhamra. The Ferozepur Road location was selected to take the pressure away from an overly congested Shahrah-e-Quaid-e-Azam and to create a performing arts facility for the newly developed areas of Lahore i.e. Model Town, Faisal Town, Garden Town, Johar Town, Township, Gulberg and Defence, etc. The theatre sits in the midst of large green areas, at a stone’s throw from Lahore’s famous willow lined canal. Its imposing brick façade set with local regional features such as handmade Multani tiles is an interesting blend of the contemporary and the traditional classicism of the Roman coliseum. The multi-purpose theatre is designed to cater for drama, Music, cultural melas and large scale concerts.

Art Museum

The gallery located at Alhamra Cultural Complex Qaddafi Stadium is known as the Permanent Art Gallery and houses the collection of paintings, prints, sculptures and ceramics owned by the Lahore Arts Council. This gallery has an area of over 12000 sqft. with sufficient wall space for displaying 200 plus works. The provision of the gallery has fulfilled a long standing and important demand of the artist. This is the only gallery that houses a collection that stays on display permanently with works of old masters and living legends along with contemporary artists on display. A curator looks after the collection and other affairs pertaining to the Permanent Art Gallery.

Puppet Theater

Alhamra Arts Council has a long tradition of arranging for children. One of them is the Puppet Theatre that has been presented for more than twenty-five years and has provided entertainment to children. Every Sunday morning children can see fairy and folk tales performing live on the stage. Regular workshops are conducted for those interested in learning this art form. This theatre has a seating capacity of 150.

Lawns & Parking

Burny Garden serves as a healthy environmental space and can be used for special function with space for 1500 persons, can be cover of shamianas and in open at nights with the adjunct facility of wide area for parking.

Adabi Baithak

Adabi Baithak literally means intellectual meetings. Alhamra has set aside whole premise for writer, poets, thinkers etc as after the closure of the Pak Tea House a void had been created and the Alhamra Adabi Baithak is the perfect environment for literary discourses, discussions, poetry readings and all such literature based activities.


Gosha-e-Adab-o-Fun is an intellectual cafe in Alhamra, which is traditionally frequented by the city's artistic, cultural and literary personalities. Many writers frequented it, and it is also a favorite haunt of the section of Lahore youths with non-mainstream points of view. It maintained a reputation as a forum for people of diverse backgrounds to voice their opinions in a non-judgmental atmosphere. Gosha-e-Adab-o-Fun is a little corner in the blogosphere that will endeavor to revive the culture of debate, pluralism and tolerance. It has no pretensions nor illusions but the motivation of a few people who want to see Pakistan a better place - where ideas need to counter the forces of commercialism, adverse effects of globalization and extremism. And, ideas must translate into action that leads us to an equitable, just and healthy society.