Melodic Marvels — Alhamra holds classical music night

The Lahore Arts Council hosted a magnificent Classical Night event promoting classical music at Alhamra Arts Centre, the Mall. Renowned maestros Ustaad Shafqat Ali Khan, Nadeem Riaz Khan, and Malik Nadeem Ali Khan graced the stage with their exceptional performances, mesmerising the audience and enchanting aura to the ceremony. Nadim Riaz Khan flawlessly hosted the programme. Executive Director of Alhamra, Muhammad Saleem Sagar, expressed his appreciation for individuals who tirelessly work towards advancing the arts. He specifically acknowledged the invaluable contributions of Ustaad Shafqat Ali Khan, whose lifelong dedication has propelled the art form forward. Sagar extended heartfelt gratitude to Ustaad Shafqat Ali Khan for accepting Alhamra’s invitation, and he also thanked all the attendees present. Throughout the program, the audience was captivated by soul-stirring Qawwalis, melodious Thumri, and captivating Ragas, creating an immersive experience filled with the essence of classical music. The event attracted a diverse audience of classical music enthusiasts who applauded the artists and wholeheartedly embraced Alhamra Arts Council’s mission to promote and nurture various art forms.

Saturday, May 20, 2023