Folk songs programme

LAHORE:A programme of traditional folk songs in harmony with cultural customs was broadcast live from all social media pages of the Lahore Arts Council.The programme featured songs sung on the occasion of ‘Sehra’, ‘Mahindi’ and "Gharoli". The performers including Imdad Hussain, Tahir Abbas, Abdul Razzaq and Muhammad Afzal brilliantly performed on singing, drums and harmonium. On the occasion, Executive Director Alhamra Saman Rai said, “We love our beautiful traditions, so that is why Alhamra tried its best to present all our folksingers and musicians to public. In order to promote positive attitudes in society, it is very important to promote traditions that reflect sincerity, love and tolerance. These music programmes are living proof that Alhamra is strengthening the foundations of a sustainable society by introducing modern art as well as traditional way of life to the masses”.

Monday, September 28, 2020