Alhamra organises seminar, play on Kashmir

HomeToday's PaperNational Alhamra organises seminar, play on Kashmir LAHORE: A sitting of Gosha-e-Gayan on Kashmir was held here on Tuesday at Alhamra Art Centre, The Mall. Noted scholars Dr Tariq Sharifzada and Prof Dr Abid Ali, Professor Mahmood Ghaznavi and other speakers addressed the ceremony and highlighted Kashmir issue in detail. Provincial Minister for Human Rights Ejaz Alam Agustin and PTI Punjab President Ejaz Chaudhry specially participated in the event to show solidarity with the people of Kashmir.

The speakers strongly condemned Indian atrocities, saying it was complete human rights violations in Indian-Occupied Kashmir. Alhamra arranged different programmes to express solidarity with Kashmiris, including a seminar, special plays, national song programme, walk and an art exhibition. Through the events, Lahore Art Council (LAC) once again has announced full support to Kashmiri people and highlighted the issue of Indian Occupied Kashmir. During the seminar, all the participants said, “If the Muslim countries did not come forward immediately to stop killings of Muslims in Kashmir, it would become the greatest human tragedy

LAC Executive Director Ather Ali Khan said, “We will celebrate every day as Kashmir day till their independence because as Quaid-e-Azam had called Kashmir the jugular vein of Pakistan.” He said the people of Pakistan would not leave their Kashmiri brethren alone. Khan stated that Pakistan was standing shoulder to shoulder in the support of Kashmiris on national and international platforms and renewed Pakistan's unflinching support to Kashmiri people until they get their right to self-determination. He said that through the drama titled “Kashmir Baney Ga Pakistan” Alhamra paid tribute to brave Kashmiris.

Wednesday, February 5, 2020