Alhamra Art Museum to remain open seven days a week

After the decision taken by Lahore Arts Council Executive Director Athar Ali Khan to keep the Alhamra Art Museum open to the public for seven days a week for serving and promoting art, different colleges and universities have been regularly visiting the art museum, at the Alhamra Cultural Complex, Gaddafi Stadium. Executive Director Athar Ali Khan said that the Alhamra Art Museum is an important institution; there are around 300 artworks of 118 world-renowned artists displayed which are reflecting the thousands of years old civilization. He further said that the Alhamra Art Museum serves as a hub for art lovers, and recently it has worked hard to restore nine rare artworks to their original form. The artists, whose paintings have already been restored, include Anna Molka Ahmed, Colin David, Moin Najmi, Ghulam Rasool, Mahmood Butt, Ahmed Shahbaz, Salima Hashmi and Mian Ijazul Hassan.

Monday, January 20, 2020