Ajoka to perform ‘Saira aur Maira’ at Faiz Festival

A two-day long theatre play “Rang Laye Ga Lahu” was organized by Alhamra Arts Council to show solidarity with people of Kashmir in their fight against the Indian army for their freedom A large number of audiences attended the drama held in Hall 2 at Alhamra Art Centre the Mall. The play “Rang Laye Ga Lahu” is written by Aziz Qazi, dialogues written by Riaz Qadri, and directed by Ishfaq Chaudhry. The drama is all about the ongoing freedom movement of a Kashmiri family and to highlight the brutality of the Indian army, which has been involved with the killing of women, innocent children and men. 

On the occasion, Executive Director Lahore Arts Council Ather Ali Khan said that fight of Kashmiri people for independence is now over six decades long and they suffer a lot by all means since India captured the Kashmir valley unethically.He further said that the entire nation of Pakistan standing with people of Kashmir and we salute to Kashmiri people for their battle against Indian armed forces. To show the solidarity with people of Kashmir we will always highlight their struggle till their independence and Lahore Arts Council will continue to arrange different programmes like exhibitions, walks, convention dramas to express unity with the people of Kashmir, he added.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019