Munnu Bhai paid tribute

LAHORE: Alhamra Arts Council held a remembering evening to pay tribute to the services of renowned columnist, drama writer, poet and journalist Munnu Bhai on his death anniversary.Ms Munnu Bhai, Salima Hashmi, Chairman Lahore Arts Council Touqeer Nasir, famous poet Amjad Islam Amjad, renowned artist Shah Nawaz Zaidi, veteran human rights activist IA Rehman, Dr Ahmed Bilal and Sadia Sarmad paid a rich tribute to the legendary writer.

During the address Ms Munnu Bhai highlighted different features of Munnu Bahi’s life and called him as a perfect man and a loving life partner. Chairman Alhamra Touqeer Nasir said Munnu Bhai was truly artistic in his illustration of ideas that he offered very tough and sensitive topics in comical yet insightful way. Munnu Bhai was a very nifty person; he wrote many great plays and poetry. He was a kind hearted person and was a great humanist who always used his pen to support the exploited people in society. Munnu Bhai is undoubtedly a role model for our younger generation, he concluded.

Peace and human-rights advocate IA Rehman paid a rich tribute to the generous services of Munnu Bhai. He said as an editorial writer, he always adopted a logical and thought provoking attitude, he never surrendered against the injustice, he added.Salima Hashmi said: “We cannot find another Munnu Bhai, as his services for humanity and literature are matchless. He was a kind hearted man who spent his life for raising a voice for reality and justice. He was a man who served his country without any greed. We should continue Munnu Bhai’s struggle for social justice, and equality.”

Speaking on the occasion, Sadia Sarmad said that Munnu Bhai was very honest person who played a very noteworthy role in social justice through his writing. His work included his drama, poetry and columns are based on truth and portray the ground reality of the society, she added. It would take years to understand the literary and political writings of Munnu Bhai, Dr Ahmed Bilal said. “Munnu Bhai was a great writer and master of soft-criticism,” he added.

Executive Director Lahore Arts Council Ather Ali Khan said that Munnu Bhai’s columns were a classical blend of wit, satire, and criticism. Munnu Bhai wrote famous drama Sona Chandi, which delivered a simple understanding of the sorrows and miseries of a middle class family. Munnu Bhai was a writer who sensed the pain of society, he knew how to highlight the darkness of society so his writings reflect the actual face of the society. Munnu Bhai worked hard for the change. It is fact that sustainable progress in society isp not possible without the creation of rich ethical literature and Urdu literature is surly incomplete without Munnu Bhai’s writings, he added.

On the occasion other people praised working and services of Munnu Bhai. His fans recalled him as a legend and a great asset for the nation. A documentary was also screened about the poetry and services of Munnu Bhai on this occasion which was highly appreciated by the audience and his fans. A great number of audiences attended the event.

Monday, February 4, 2019