Austrian music show at Alhamra

LAHORE - A foreign musical group ‘Kusimanten’ performed live at Alhamra Arts Council to celebrate Austrian Ambassador of Austria Dr Brigita Blaha said: “The Austrian embassy over the past few years has organised a number of cultural events. We have not only try to bring our culture here but also have an interaction and dialogue with the people of Pakistan.” A large number of people attended the event and the way they were absorbed till the last tune was proof that they enjoyed it thoroughly. Deelindo Cello introduced the group in Urdu. “We are from Austria and Ukraine. We hope that you will enjoy our mauseeqi (music),” she said.The evening began with the national anthem of Pakistan. The first song was a traditional Austrian technique called ‘Yodelling’ while the second from Ukraine. The third song performed was an original by Marie-Theres Härtel, called Paradis Paradise. The song was about her small garden where she grows her own tomatoes. Speaking about the song, the singer said, “In Europe, it is very hard to find quality tomatoes. That’s why it is very exciting to have your own garden with tomatoes and they taste far better than you purchase in the super market. Marie decided to grow her own tomatoes as they grow up she could taste them they were so delicious that she wrote a song on tomatoes.” The show concluded with Jugal bandi of Ustad Nafees Ahmed on sitar and Mohammad Waqas on tabla, the band thanked the Austrian embassy for giving them the opportunity to perform in Lahore. Famous Austrian band ‘Kusimanten’ was founded by three Austrian girls. The girls Dee Linde, Marie-There's Härtel, and Tamara Lukasheva, first met in 2014, and then these three musicians immediately decided to make music together. However, it must be said that being sisters, two of them (Marie- Theres Härtel and deeLinde) had met previous to that and in fact co-founded and spearhead the internationally acclaimed group Netnakisum. Tamara entered the picture through their mutual friend, the renowned German jazz trumpet player Matthias Schriefl. Marie- Theres had a fascination for combining Tamara´s exceptional voice with the sister´s powerfully, eloquent string double act (viola and cello) and thus, Kusimanten was born. They successfully debuted later in 2014 at the "Wiener Konzerthaus", which they followed up with their first recording in early 2015. In the same year they were honoured to close the prestigious Jazzwerkstatt Bern Festival in Bern, Switzerland, accompanied by legendary Swiss accordion player Hans Hassler.

Friday, October 19, 2018