Book shows Pakistan through the eyes of diplomats

ISLAMABAD: The Austrian Embassy on Thursday launched a book containing pictures from around Pakistan that were contributed by 30 ambassadors, heads of mission and diplomats. Titled Colours of Pakistan: Through the Eyes of Diplomats, the bookincludes pictures of landscapes, cultural events, flora and fauna, people and events from around the country. The book is a collaborative conceptualization by Imran Shauket, Goodwill Ambassador Alhambra Arts Council and Ellie Takagaki, Founder of Paper Miracles. The event was held in the lovely garden of the Austrian residence. The book is supported by the Lahore Arts Council under the Positive Image Consortia, which is attempting to showcase the amazingly diverse Pakistan. Adnan Aurangzeb, the master of ceremonies for the event and a long time supporter of Paper Miracles, said, “I would like to acknowledge the numerous diplomats here representing the embassies and high commissions of Poland, Hungary, Romania, Argentina, Malaysia, Australia, Italy, and Belgium. Also present are UN representatives and Emilia Szabo, the Goodwill Ambassador for Paper Miracles”. He added, “A few years ago the idea for this book was conceived and today it has come to fruition. I encourage you all to see, admire and acknowledge each other as you, the diplomats, are responsible for the content of the book. I would especially like to thank Her Excellency Brigitta Blaha who is the brand ambassador for Paper Miracles”. Austrian Ambassador Blaha said, “Paper Miracles is a social enterprise that gives marginalised women a new meaning in their lives by using waste paper to make beads for jewellery and to embellish other handicrafts. One of the initiatives of Paper Miracles has been to ask diplomats to present this jewellery in fashion shows and we were delighted to support this. Another initiative was this lovely book that we are presenting tonight”. Imran Shauket said: “The primary purpose of the book is to present a positive image of Pakistan. We decided to present Pakistan through the eyes of the friends of Pakistan.” He added: “The book was launched in Thailand at the Museum of Sociology and Anthropology, Thammasat. So many students approached us and said we did not know Pakistan is like that. Looking forward, Tipitaka, a documentary on the Buddhist heritage of Pakistan will be showcased and two more books are on the cards, Pakistan through the millennia and the faces and terrains of Pakistan”. The images in the coffee table book are from the different locations in Pakistan reflecting the rich diversity and multi-cultural beauty of the terrain and its people. As such the book is an unparalleled glimpse at the wonders of Pakistan through the lens of foreign eyes and sensibilities.

Friday, May 4, 2018