Fine Arts

This Department has two galleries one in each campus of Alhamra. The gallery in the Alhamra Cultural Complex Gaddafi Stadium is known as the Permanent Art Gallery and houses the collection of paintings, prints, sculptures and ceramics owned by the Lahore Arts Council. A full time curator looks after the collection and other affairs pertaining to the Permanent Art Gallery. The other gallery is known as the Alhamra Art Gallery and is part of the Mall Complex. It is a gallery that hosts short term exhibitions; these are on the national and international levels. 
 A person, group or organization can apply to have exhibitions of their art work by writing an application and providing his/her CVs and a CD of their work, it is preferred to see some of the work in original. Provided that the work is to a standard, dates for exhibition are given with mutual consent of the artist and gallery. The space and services provided by the Alhamra Art Gallery are free of charge (for art based exhibitions only) and no commission is charged on sales. The gallery is headed by a curator who deals with all the bookings/reservations of the gallery.